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Vidin – travel off the beaten path

Vidin - travel of the beaten path

The town of Vidin via the eyes of Albena Tsankova: your local tour guide, storyteller and photographer.

Today I would like to bring you on a trip off the beaten path. Where are we going? To my home area. The region is Northwestern Bulgaria and more specific the town of Vidin. Put your seat belt and let’s go! We have a lot to see and experience in the countryside of Bulgaria.

To begin with we will go via the parts of the Roman fortress that we still keep today. In I century the town was a Roman fortified settlement with the name Bononia. The coat of arms is with Baba Vida fortress on the top – the last Bulgarian fortress that fell under the Ottomon domination. Down left there is a vine as we are a wine region famous with the local Gamza red wine. Bottom right there is a fish as the town is on Danube river.

Let’s indulge in history, remember we are in Roman time, I century AD.

Vidin - travel of the beaten path

Vidin art

Next we will see the Sea garden and the Art gallery. Here there are no crowds of tourists and people rushing to get out of traffic jam. Life is more peaceful and easy going. And yet you could enjoy a day of travel, photos and meeting some locals. I recommend a coffee or another drink by the Danube river.

We will walk along the statue of king Sratsimir, the Bulgarian king (1356 – 1396) of the local kingdom before the fall under Ottoman domination.

Let us know if you want to visit this part of Bulgaria together.

The tour of Vidin continues with Baba Vida fortress in our next travel story.

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