Pre-tour online travel advisor

Let’s meet online & design together your tour.

Your travel expert:

Ms Cvetelina Cankova
Find on LinkedIn: cvetelina-nvisiontravel

Your travel expert:

Ms Cvetelina Cankova
Find on LinkedIn: cvetelina-nvisiontravel


EUR 60 per one-hour online meeting
EUR 30 per half an hour online meeting

For an appointment:

Payment: In order to confirm the appointment with you, after you receive from us information about our schedule, please pay in advance:

  • via PayPal (EUR 64 per hour, EUR 33 per half an hour) or
  • via a wire transfer (EUR 60 per hour, EUR 30 per half an hour).

This will guarantee your online meeting with us.

What comes next: your options after the meeting

  • If you book after that a private wine tour with us, this amount will be deducted from your final package price.
  • Feel free not to book our guide and transportation services. We will provide you with the information and help you organize a Self-guide and Drive tour.

What are the benefits of requesting this service:

  • Meet your local guide in advance. During our online meeting, you will have the chance to get to know your travel advisor and decide if you would like to travel together to Northwestern Bulgaria and for her to be your tour guide. After 19 years in the travel industry, we know that when a traveler invests his/her time and money in a vacation, everyone wants to spend the time with a guide and driver who are in the same vibes. To feel great during the tour and at the end to go back home recharged with positive energy, inspired after the talk and good memories, which will make you speak about your time in Bulgaria long after the tour. We understand you and this motivated us to offer this travel advisor service before you book a tour with us.
  • Expert planning.

With deep in-country knowledge (we were born in Belogradchik and used to live in Vidin until 18 years old), your Destination Expert tailors each wine experience according to your preferences, ensuring you can make the most of your time in Bulgaria. It is much faster and easier to understand what are your wishes and needs for the private tour via online video call, and we will avoid the exchange of dozen emails. It is always worth planning in advance and enjoying it after.

  • Value for money.

This way you can choose and design the best travel service, and receive great value for money. We will present to you all options for your tour, reply to your questions and receive your guidelines on what you are looking for. During our talk just for an hour or two, you will receive information from insiders, which will save you time looking on your own and provide you with hidden gem details, that only locals know.

  • Wine tourism in Bulgaria.

There are so many options for wine tourism in Bulgaria. We will be happy to design for you a longer wine trip (3 – 7 days), where you will visit more than one wine region. The wine experience could be also included in a longer culture tour, or a good extra travel highlight during your summer or winter vacation. It can be the theme of your birthday or wedding event, your team building, or your ladies’ retreat. There are so many options, but we cannot upload to one website all the knowledge, we collected over the years. Some of them we keep as hidden gems only for our guests. We will be happy to share them with you. Only by asking you will receive answers, which you cannot find here.

„Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Are you ready for your wine holiday in Bulgaria?