Baba Vida Fortress

Vidin’s main touristic sight is Baba Vida fortress. Baba Vida is a medieval castle in Northwestern Bulgaria and it dates to the period from the 10th to the 14th century. The fortress is located in a park on the bank of Danube river.
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Baba Vida Fortress

Baba Vida is among the most preserved medieval fortification constructions in Bulgaria, which is why it is not accidentally often chosen as a set for shooting movies and events.

The construction of Baba Vida is tied to a legend, according to which a Danubian Bulgarian king who ruled at Vidin had three daughters: Vida, Kula and Gamza.

Prior to his death, he divided his kingdom among the three. Vida, the eldest, was given Vidin and the lands north to the Carpathians, Kula was awarded Zaječar and the Timok Valley, and Gamza was to rule the lands west up to the Morava, Serbia. Although Gamza and Kula married to drunkard and warlike nobles, Vida did not marry and built the castle in her city. The name of the castle means “Granny Vida”.

We used to live here until 18 year old and we will be happy to show you our hometown. This part of Bulgaria is a hidden treasure of the country. Let’s explore it together.

Location: 200 km/3-hour 10 min drive from Sofia