Vidin is a town situated on the southern bank of the Danube in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is close to the borders with Romania and Serbia. An agricultural and trade centre, Vidin has a fertile land, popular with its wines.
Vidin Landmarks


Founded in the 1st century AD as the Roman fortress of Bononia, Vidin became (14 century AD) the capital of the independent West Bulgarian kingdom under Ivan Sratsimir.

Vidin emerged at the site of an old Celtic settlement known as Dunonia. The settlement evolved into a Roman fortified town called Bononia. In 14th century Bulgarian state was separated into two kingdoms and Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Stratsimir was announced for an absolute ruler of the Kingdom of Vidin (Bdin / Badin). Vidin is an important town for Bulgarian history and we could visit some of the local museums. Among the most popular are Baba Vida fortress, the Reginal Historical Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the former Synagogue or Osman Pazvantoglu Mosque.

We highly recommend to have a walk along the Danube River, our natural border with Romania. The garden along the river is a lovely place for a walk, for spending a relaxing time gazing at the open horizon or having a meal at a restaurant on the river’s bank.

We used to live here until 18-year-old and we will be happy to show you our hometown. This part of Bulgaria is a hidden treasure of the country. Let’s explore it together.

Location: 200 km/3-hour 10 min drive from Sofia