Gamza Wine Tour 2 days

with overnight in Belogradchik

Taste the Gamza wine, explore natural wonders, and visit two local wineries to learn about winemaking in Northwestern Bulgaria.

Dedicated to family and traditions

Taste the Gamza wine, explore natural wonders, and visit two local wineries to learn about winemaking in Northwestern Bulgaria.

When you visit Northwestern Bulgaria, there is one special word that opens doors and this is Gamza. This is the most traditional red wine in this region. Gamza is a dark thin-skinned grape variety used for a red wine, that grows in Northwestern Bulgaria since ancient times. It can be found under the name Kadarka in Romania, Hungary, and other countries. Gamza ripens at the end of September and the beginning of October. However, in Northwestern Bulgaria this happens earlier around September because the accumulation of sugar is more intense. Gamza is cultivated best on windy hills with rich soil. Gamza wines receive awards in international wine competitions and boost the image of Bulgaria as a wine country.

‘Making unique wines is more of a philosophy and way of life than business’, said Ognyan Tsvetanov, belated owner of Borovitza winery one of our stops during the wine tour.  Today some of the local boutique wines are exported abroad to customers in Asia and other continents.

The second highlight will be Magura winery, established in 1967 in the village of Rabisha, Vidin district. The location is known as one of the mysterious and most picturesque areas of Bulgaria enclosed between the Danube and the reddish sand cliffs of the town of Belogradchick with the nearby unique Magura cave, considered to be a natural wonder. The idea behind setting up of the winery came to meet the increasing demand of the home and international market for high-quality wines and champagne. The so-called Bat gallery in the Magura cave, has been utilized for decades for specially selected wines to mature in natural conditions.

The third but not least highlight is our birth town Belogradchik – one of the candidates for the 7 Wonders of the world. The Bulgarian natural phenomenon, the Belogradchik rocks, have been placed on the New 7 Wonders of Nature Reserve List where they currently rank second. The area is great for reconnection with nature, yourself and a peaceful place for writers, photographers, and artists, who are looking for inspiration. The energy of the area can attract you to organize a spiritual or business retreat here. Each great mind needs to stop and listen to his/her thoughts, and intuition, to create space for new ideas, and to brainstorm with the team outside the office and the daily tasks. We will be happy to be part of your journey and manifestation of your ideas.

Book your tour now

Private tour for 3 – 1 travelers and more on request

Price range: EUR 190 – 390 per person

The price includes:

  • Licensed English or German-speaking tour guide and wine lover
  • Pick up and drop off from/at your accommodation in Sofia. Transportation by car.
  • 2 Winery visit in Northwestern Bulgaria
  • 2 Wine Tastings of 3-5 Bulgarian wines at local boutique wineries
  • Sightseeing according the program
  • Photos with happy moments to remember
  • Mineral water

The price excludes:

  • Entrance fee to Belogradchik fortress (BGN 6 per person)
  • Entrance fee for Magura cave (BGN 12 per person)
  • Lunch at a local restaurant (BGN 20 – 30 per person)
  • Overnight in Belogradchik (We could book it for you. Please let us know in your request.)
  • Adventure activities
  • Personal costs
  • Wine bottles, which you can buy at the winery shop

Starting point: Sofia or Vidin

Wine map:

Sofia – Vidin: 200 km one way

Sofia – Belogradchik: 180 km one way

Vidin – Belogradchik: 53 km one way

Wine route:

  • Day 1: Sofia – Borovitza winery – Belogradchik
  • Day 2: Belogradchik – Magura winery and Magura cave – Sofia

Duration: 2 days

If you prefer to stay longer, please send us a request for a longer trip, incl. dates and requirements. We will be happy to customize it for you.

This tour can be booked also as Self-guide and drive tour.

Good to know: Events, which happen once a year

  • Trifon Zarezan celebration оf the vine growers and wine producers in Bulgaria – 14 February
  • Grape harvest season: End of August – October
  • VIII summer festival “Opera of the peaks” – Belogradchik rocks
  • 26 October – Day of St Dimitar and Day of Vidin, International Mavrud Day

Kind reminder: Vidin Wine Tours are not available during Orthodox Easter (15 – 17 April 2023) and Christmas Holidays (24 – 26 December 2023). We are there for you all year long but these dates are dedicated to our family. Cheers!