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10 Curious facts about Bulgaria

10 Curious facts about Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria is the first civilization in Europe that has the oldest gold in the world from 4600 BC, prior Sumer civilization in Mesopotamia. Today Varna gold treasure could be seen at the Archaeological Museum in the city of Varna.
  • Bulgaria hasn’t changed its name since it was first established as a state in 681.
  • Bulgaria is The Birthplace of Cyrillic script. Its now used by many Slavic languages.
  • Bulgarians shake their head the opposite way for yes and no. Make sure you answer with words not only gestures. 😊
  • The first computer in the world was created by a Bulgarian. In the period 1937 – 1942 John Atanasoff, a scientist of Bulgarian descent, together with Clifford Berry, an American inventor working for the University of Iowa, designed and developed the first computer.
  • Bulgaria is the country with the highest number of natural mineral springs in Continental Europe – over 600.
  • First wine school in Bulgaria was established in 1887 in Vidin together with a winery.
  • Bulgarian yogurt is the best in the world. This is thanks to the unique Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria used for its production that can only be found on the territory of Bulgaria.
  • The Bulgarian folk song “Izlel e Delio Haydutin” has been flying around open space together with Bach’s and Mozart’s greatest works since 1977 when the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes left the Earth.
  • The National Dance of Bulgaria is The Horo.

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